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Better World South Africa: Pilot to Project

During our time in South Africa, we will be piloting the use of two connected vehicles donated by Ford Motor Company to help World Vision achieve its mission – primarily helping in its commitment to transformational development and emergency relief.

We will be working primarily in two regions along the Eastern Cape utilizing World Vision’s local Area Development Program (ADP) offices. Although the specific uses of the vehicles are still to be determined, as this is a new program for World Vision, we have discussed the following focus areas:

  • Healthcare and Wellness
    • The vehicle will not only help transport vaccinations, but it will be equipped with a refrigerator to keep medications at the proper temperature.
    • World Vision will partner with the Department of Health to deliver necessary vaccinations to children that might not otherwise have access to healthcare.
  • Education
    • The vehicle will also have a projector to serve as a ‘mobile cinema’.
    • This will help World Vision’s reach during educational presentations on general hygiene tips, career development for teens, etc.
  • Safety
    • In addition to educational presentations, the ‘mobile cinema’ can help deliver safety campaigns like HIV/Aids awareness and prevention.
  • Data Collection
    • World Vision employees can use mobile tablets to collect height and weight measurements for children.
    • These measurements can be sent to a database from the field ensuring accurate records are kept.

The Intel team will assist World Vision in piloting the use of these vehicles. We will examine the technical capabilities and help frame the pilot in order to utilize the technology to enable the largest impact. Intel will be providing technical assistance with the vehicle itself and its embedded technologies and will create documentation and deliver training to World Vision in order to create a sustainable business process around the use of these two vehicles.



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  1. Catie Eastland June 7, 2016 — 2:55 pm

    Sounds like such an impactful project. Looking forward to future posts, best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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