What is IESC?

Intel Education Service Corps, or IESC, is an international service program that Intel has been sponsoring since 2009.

IESC is a short-term career development and service opportunity for Intel employees to support customers of Intel technologies in developing countries. The program selects employees from across the company after a competitive application and interview process.

These employees typically operate in teams of six: a project manager, two trainers, two technical analysts, and one social media expert. The teams work together for about two months prior to their deployment and then support various two-week assignments to configure Intel technologies focused on education, health care, and economic development.

Intel sponsors several IESC deployments and also allows specific business groups to sponsor teams. The Intel employees typically partner with non-profit agencies to identify a need in a developing country and figure out how Intel can help deploy technology to enable positive, high-impact changes.


Since 2009, employees have completed 97 assignments, volunteering in 25 different countries. They have helped deploy more than 4,300 devices at nearly 500 schools, orphanages, community centers and mobile labs and have trained more than 18,000 end users.


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