Asaf Shachar

Getting to know Asaf…

Asaf personal

Role on the team: Project Manager

Role at Intel: Logistics Manager

Length of service at Intel: 15 years

Education: B.A. Management, Global Executive MBA

Hometown: Originally from Israel… has been in the Netherlands for 20 years

Hobbies: Traveling, learning about new cultures, photography, cooking, watching thrillers

Fun Fact: Every year on New Year’s Day, I jump into freezing cold water as part of a Dutch tradition. My daughter joins me now!

What role do you think technology plays in volunteerism?

  • I think that technology is a real game-changer. It will help turn a concept into reality as we work to build a better future for our children and solve real problems.


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  1. Thought I would drop you a note, to let you know that we are so proud that you are part of these team, that will make a difference in other people life. Wishing you and the team good luck in what you have planned to do. God bless you all.

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  2. What a wonderful adventure Asaf with a great deal of good to come out of it. Hats off!!

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  3. What an awesome experience! Enjoy and we are looking forward to hear all the stories on this blog!

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  4. Good work Asaf!! Looking forward hearing about the challenges and fauna this project will bring!!

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  5. Kol hakavod, Asaf! We’re proud of you!


  6. It si a great inititaive and I have no doubt you will manage the best outcome.


  7. Enjoy the adventure Asaf – looking fwd to hearing how you get on!!

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  8. Hope you enjoy your adventure and as stated by the others. I am so proud that your participated and know you will lots of value in the team. Keep up the great job this team is doing.. You all make a difference!

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