World Vision Training

Jorge and Maayan led another computer training session, but this time the audience was the World Vision staff. Mpume was thrilled to learn that Intel employees would be visiting her Mbhashe ADP because she recognized a need for her staff to get more comfortable with computers. Their jobs require filling out a lot of reports, but basic Microsoft Office skills are hard to come by.


The trainers led a similar session for twelve World Vision employees. When Jorge asked how many people had used a computer before, only three employees raised their hands. The agenda included an overview of the main components of the computer, introductions to using the keyboard and mouse, and a brief tutorial on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Over the course of four hours, the employees learned a lot and had a really good understanding of everything that the trainers covered.


Training WV


A highlight of the class was when Jorge and Maayan asked the class to navigate to my blog. There is a photo on my Children of Mbhashe post that includes three World Vision emplyoees, one of whom was taking the training. She was so excited to find her photo on the internet, and she jumped up and down telling the class “Look! I’m on the internet!”. She snapped a photo of the screen with her cell phone and her excitement was contagious.



It was another really successful training session. We are so grateful for the opportunity to deliver basic training to people that might not otherwise have a chance to learn.


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  1. It is so interesting to see how different their lives are from ours in the US! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Way to go bug!


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